President and CEO

Kenji Kamiya

“Shape Your Dreams”

It is our job to realize our customers’ dreams.

With the suppleness of iron and steel, we have responded to changing times. At the same time, we have continued to create a comfortable working environment where the individual strengths of our employees can be maximized. Through listening to our customers and the voices of our employees, we are convinced that this attitude will lead to our sustainable growth and social contribution.

Although our customers' needs and technological capabilities have changed from 50 years ago when we were founded, our stance of pursuing infinite possibilities together with iron and steel remains unchanged. Using cutting-edge technology that subverts the image of conventional factories together with human resources who can handle the technology freely, we will continue to shape the dreams that our customers seek.

Corporate Slogan

Infinite Possibilities with Steel

Together with steel, maintaining agile characteristics, we will continue to change.
Pursuing infinite possibilities in order to improve technology and quality,
we will continue our corporate activities with this slogan.

Company Profile

Company Name
HIMEGI Co., Ltd.
946-1 Kokubukawahara, Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, 899-4303, Japan
TEL : +81-995-46-2394 FAX : +81-995-46-9040
10,000,000 Japanese Yen
Factory Certification
(Certified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
H-Grade TFBH-172195
Construction Business Permit
Governor of Kagoshima permission (general-2) No. 4132
Business Content
  • Design, production and processing of architectural steel frames
  • Complete set construction/civil engineering work
  • Nursing care business, medical consulting, operation
  • Listed/Unlisted Super General Contractor
  • General contractor in Kyushu
  • Listed general trading company ・Steel trading company
  • General contractor in Kagoshima
  • Executive Chairman: Toshinori Kamiya
  • President and CEO: Kenji Kamiya
  • Director: Mariko Kamiya
  • Managing Director: Kiyomi Kuramoto
  • Executive Officer & General Manager: Tomoharu Nakamura
  • Factory Manager: Takaharu Shinnabe
  • Sub-factory Manager: Hayase Matsumoto
  • Other Employees: 40

*Number of employees as of November 30, 2020

Site area
Site 33,019㎡
Building 4,868㎡
Group Enterprise
  • Wellness Solution Co., Ltd.
    (Nursing care business, medical consulting)
    CUBE.BLDG506 5-12 Higashisengokucho, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima 892-0842
    TEL: +81-99-248-7645 FAX: +81-99-248-7646
  • Life Court Chuo Elderly Home with Services
    (Nursing home)
    2-11-8 Take, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima 890-0045
    TEL:+81-99-204-7180 FAX:+81-99-204-7181
  • Dental Clinic Sawayaka
    (General dentistry, pediatric dentistry, visiting dentistry)
    2-12-13 Take, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima 890-0045
    TEL:+81-99-257-8080 FAX:+81-99-257-8081


Established "Himegi Tekko" in Himegi, Hayato-cho, Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Established Himegi Tekko Construction Co., Ltd.
Relocated to Kokubukawahara, Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture
M-Grade acquisition
H-Grade acquisition
50 year anniversary of establishment
Changed company name to “HIMEGI Co., Ltd."